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testimonial G E Roofing

Bob, Tim & crew did an outstanding job. Thank you for getting on the job sooner than plan, I can't say anything but good about your company & crew.

Dennis Langis
Field Superintendent

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We carry the following items for purchase. Please email us for details.

REDI Driver Commercial/DOT Package

REDI PackageModel Number: REDIdotpckg

REDI Driver is the BEST SELLING Copied, but never equaled DOT package!

REDI Driver Commercial / DOT package is a user-friendly package with everything you will need for most fence posts, sign posts, guide posts & more.


  • You have the most versatility with the easiest operation; no hoses, no compressors, no hassle! Weighs only 35 pounds!
  • Strongest driver on the market, 1820 BPM powered by HONDA!
  • Best warranty on the market; 3 years with lifetime impact warranty!
  • Capable of driving all your post sizes; up to 4” with magnum barrel
  • Best customer service provided by a family owned business


REDIboss 78

REDIboss78 post driver with 3 1/8” ID guide tube

Model Number: REDIboss78

REDIboss78 post driver with 3 1/8” ID guide tube is a worldwide Best Seller.

 REDIboss 78 model is perfect for:

  • all sizes fence post
  • All sizes u channel posts
  • All sizes sign posts

REDI Classic52REDIclassic52 with 2” ID guide tube

Model Number: REDIclassic52

REDIclassic52 is the original driver that set the standard as the first gas powered post driver on the market